Republicans rejected him and redistricted him out of his own seat.
Now Raul Torres is running for Senate and back to his old tricks, trying to pass himself off as many things he is not.
The problem is the record always catches up to him.
See for yourself...
In January 2012, Raul Torres claimed he co-authored legislation that provided “millions of new dollars for law enforcement and border security.”1 The Corpus Christi Caller Times set the record straight, reporting that the amendment Torres tried to take credit for was actually authored by San Antonio State Representative José Menendez. Torres’ story unravels even more … he voted against the budget that contained the funding for border security.2

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Raul Torres likes to say he works to stop higher taxes. Unfortunately, he has no
problem with higher windstorm insurance rates. On the House Insurance Committee, Torres
voted for a bill that included a 15% rate increase for most of Nueces County.3 The Chamber
of Commerce called it a “bad bill,”4 but Torres voted for it anyway. State Representative Todd
Hunter removed the rate increase on the House floor,5 but Torres didn’t show up to vote.6.

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Raul Torres voted for a budget that cut $8 billion from our public schools,7
and then put out a press release with the headline, “Torres Jump-starts
Economic Development and Jobs in Texas.”8
When the Senate restored $4 billion
for public school funding, Torres voted against that,9 saying the cuts “weren’t deep enough.”10
Over 12,000 teachers have since been laid off, local school districts have raised taxes, and a
record number of classrooms have sought waivers to bust class-size limits.
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At the same time Raul Torres is voting to cut $8 billion from our public
schools, putting tens of thousands of teacher jobs on the chopping block,
he introduced legislation to give yacht owners a tax break.11
Torres bill had
the support of Yacht industry lobbyists, but didn’t have the support of either Democrats or
Republicans on the Committee who understood the grave budget situation our state faced
and the devastating cuts being done to our public schools.
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11. (82nd Legislative Session, HCR 93, Author: Torres.)
Just like the character Waldo, in the children’s book series Where’s Waldo?
Raul Torres is often hard to find.
He skipped or missed 110 votes on the House floor12
— missing more votes than all but two legislators. During a Special Session, he skipped town
altogether to attend a political conference in Washington, but Torres’ staffer told a Republican
colleague to tell Speaker Strauss that he couldn’t be there because his daughter was ill.13 It’s
easy to see why Texas Monthly magazine called him “furniture,” a term reserved for “those
lawmakers whose level of participation in the legislative process was indistinguishable from that
of their desks and chairs.”14

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Chuy Hinojosa is a Vietnam Veteran and Marine. He lets his
actions speak for themselves. He worked across the aisle with State
Representative Todd Hunter to fight for relief for homeowners from unfair
windstorm insurance. As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, he
helped restore $4 billion to the state budget to protect our public schools. He
has his priorities straight, expanding a proven dropout recovery program to
give kids a second chance at a high school diploma and delivering the funds
to create an engineering school at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi. The Corpus
Christi Caller Times said he “stood especially tall in the 82nd Legislative
Session.” That’s what happens when you show up to work and lead.

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